How many people would you like to see attending your product launch, concert, market day or marathon? Have you set good goals for the audience you’d like to reach, or the interest you’d like to accumulate in the lead up to the big night, day, week or month?

A social media marketing campaign is the best way for your brand to boost those numbers. A competent campaign will ensure that the right people know about your special event. Tools such as Facebook and Instagram advertising will help you raise awareness and let people know when and where to go, and what will be on offer for them when they get there.

Ready to give your special event its best shot? Start with social media! Here are just a few reasons why we recommend Facebook and Instagram for special event campaigning to our clients here at Tailgunner…


Serious scope

Marketing your event on social media is an excellent investment of resources. Social networks provide you with unbeatable reach. While your average event poster might catch a glance or two at your local bus shelter, a well-executed social media campaign can attract local, national and even international attention. You’ll reach wider demographics online than you might have through more traditional advertising methods. If you’re looking to attract attention for a special event, a social media marketing campaign is the way to go.


Keep track of the stats that count

Imagine if your special event billboards, posters, flyers and TV advertisements could tell you exactly who’s viewed them. Now picture that valuable information grouped into helpful charts and easy-to-read figures that you can access any time, even after your campaign has run its course.

With social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, you’ll have access to review helpful information about your audiences; understand and cater to their age group, gender and general location. Know when they’re online and ready to see and interact with your campaign posts. Keep your finger on the pulse with helpful statistics, updated regularly to keep you connected with your audience and the effectiveness of the content that you’re offering them.

One of the most effective ways to raise awareness for an event is to invest in paid Facebook and Instagram advertisements. A boosted post or paid advertisement will come equipped with live data telling you who’s seeing and who’s interacting with your post. You’ll know how many people you’re reaching and how many people are clicking on your link. Boosted posts and social advertisements are perhaps the most important part of any and all online event marketing, so be sure to bolster your post with great eye-catching graphics and catchy captions.


A greener option

We’ve worked with plenty of environmentally conscious brands here at Tailgunner. We’ve been challenged to seek strategies that cater to their clean, green values. Social media marketing, it would seem, has proven itself to be an excellent solution for stirring interest in these inspirational and good-natured special events with minimal waste and maximum reach. Without need of a single flyer, a series of simple and sincere social media posts can accumulate healthy interest in important events such as product launches, weekend markets, charities and health and wellness campaigns.


Got an event coming up? Let’s talk!

Tailgunner can help you get your event in front of the right people to encourage more interest in your event. We’ll be with you every step of the way, starting with an energetic meeting to understand your event, and eventually progressing to a strong social strategy that we can help you implement smoothly and successfully. We’ll keep an eye on your paid advertisements and boosted posts, ensuring your budget is being put to good use in order to gain and maintain interest in your event. When your event wraps up, we’ll run through the facts, figures and data with you in a helpful report that you can use to encourage attendance to your next event.


Ready to get social with your special event? Talk to Tailgunner!