Wedding websites

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If you’re planning a wedding, something to consider is a wedding website. These are simple and affordable websites that will save you countless hours of preparation.

A few benefits and features include:

Allow guests to RSVP

Sending out invitations can be a real hassle, and collecting all the RSVPs from people via text, email and phone can be a messy process. Your wedding website will allow people to RSVP directly, meaning all your RSVPs are always in the same place.

Gift registry

Here’s where you can give your guests a few ideas for wedding gifts. Your wedding website will contain a gift registry with a complete lit of the stuff you need, and the stuff you’d like. Guests are able to view the list, and when they choose something from it to purchase, it’ll get taken off your list, meaning you don’t end up with 5 sets of the same towels!

Important dates

With your wedding website you’ll easily be able to display the date of your wedding, as well as a timeline for when the ceremony will take place, when you’re off taking photos, and when guests should return for the reception.

Share your engagement story

Everyone wants to know all the details about how he proposed, where it happened, and they all want to see photos too. A wedding website lets you display your engagement photos, as well as tell the story of what happened when he popped the question.

Show off your wedding photos

There are always friends and family who won’t be able to come to your wedding. On your wedding website you’ll be able to display all the photos you’d like from your special day, so anyone who couldn’t make it can still see how beautiful she looked in her dress.

Offer accomodation options

If you have friends coming from out of town, they might want to know if you have any suggestions for places to stay. You could talk to a few hotels in the area, see if they’re happy to offer any special deals, and then advertise those deals on your website.

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