Do I really need a new logo? Is it worth it? The old one has worked fine for us these past few decades…why should I bother rebranding?

You wouldn’t show up to work in a garish pastel pantsuit, so why should your logo stay stuck in the 80’s-90’s? Even a few early 2000 logos are lacking that modern, timeless factor that many 2010-7 logos are strongly sporting these days. A relevant rebrand is every bit as important as updated technology for your business, so what’s stopping you from investing in that redesign?

If it’s going to take a little persuasion to see you settle on a new logo, then we’ll just let the benefits do the talking…

Cool and convenient

You’ll probably notice that a lot of big brands are taking time to sharpen up their logos, both figuratively and literally. Not only does a new logo give a business a fancy new face in the marketing world, it’s also extremely convenient to dispense – online and off – for business-related material.

Back in the day, our logos would be small, pixelated files that would be impossible to place over certain colours or textures. They would also be next-to-impossible to place in certain areas, especially if they feature tiny details or plenty of text.

Today, logos are designed to be ‘pen proof’, meaning your logo should look just as effective blown up on a billboard as it does next to your brand’s name on a company pen. Modern logos come in blissfully adaptable files, so you’ll be free to sit them anywhere you like on documents and websites; hovering over any colour without fading into the background (or pixelating beyond recognition).

A fresh start

A rebrand is – without doubt – the best way to breathe new life into a company. You could liken it to the feeling of walking into a newly renovated home with modern furnishings and a fresh coat of paint – you’re the first to enjoy the fancy new ‘makeover’, and you made sure it was done your way. A new logo provides the same ‘shiny and new’ satisfaction for yourself…and your clients. No matter where you place in the marketing cycle, we all love a swish new rebrand. It’s exciting and it intrigues us.

It also shows the world that you care about your company enough to see it ‘spruced up’ for a new era. You’re not going to let your company expire, because your brand shows that you want the best quality brand you can possibly offer your clients today, tomorrow, and in the future.

A chance to make it personal

Many companies fly under the ‘flag’ of an old brand that they have most likely inherited. While this might have been convenient at the time, it can tend to have you feeling a little disconnected from your business (as though you’re still working for someone else’s company). You can trust a rebrand to bring the business back into your hands. You’ll make your own mark on your newly inherited company; being part of the logo designing process is the best way to put your own personal spin on any given business.


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