Keep it professional with a beautifully designed Website

Show of hands, how many of you have knee-jerk clicked off a website due to some tragically outdated design? Whether it’s a pixelated, blurry logo or a chaos of illegible typography, a poorly designed or just plain dated website won’t win any visitors. 

So what can design do? 

A well-designed website is a delight, both to view and navigate. A web designer worth their salt can ensure that your site is composed of these key design features: 

  • A simple, easy-to-navigate meny 
  • A clean flow of information
  • Attractive, high-resolution imagery 
  • Clever infographics and icons to immediately communicate your products/services
  • A cohesive colour palette 
  • Sleek, sophisticated data displays (graphs, timelines etc) 

Websites need to deliver good design on every page in order to be fully effective and appreciated. If any single page is dated, pixelated or dull, then that page is simply “letting the team down”. Sharpen up your site with a stunning dose of design and give your visitors something worth hanging around for.


Keep us posted (consistent posting) 

With so many businesses pivoting their storefronts to social media, it’s easy for your own business’s posts to drown in this oversaturated space. Fear not, it’s actually not too difficult to stand out from the crowd, especially when so many people are (unfortunately) rushing to get their information, products and updates up on social media ASAP: they aren’t putting a lot of effort into their professional appearance, and this is where you and your brand can shine! 

What can design do for you? 

Beautiful, tailor-made social media posts are going to level up your brand’s online presence. Whether you’re posting a product launch, a sale, or a series of informational pieces about your business, implementing some stylish design work will ensure your posts aren’t missed. Using a clever, eye-catching combination of images, colours and typography, a designer can take any tedious announcement and turn it into something likeable and shareable for your audience. 


Look sharp and make an impression

First impressions are so important online, specifically on social media; more specifically, on your profile page itself. Your banner picture is like a virtual store window…have you dressed your window well, or are there cobwebs that need tending to? 

What can a designer do for you? 

One banner, so many opportunities. A designer can create any type of banner you need to suit your business and make the right impression: 

  • A brand-focussed banner introducing your page with a bold colour and your logo 
  • An animated banner that cycles through gorgeous imagery of your products 
  • Photos of your team, office or location to help people find you 
  • An infographic depicting an easy, fast explanation of your service
  • Stylish typography keeping your audience updated with sales, promotions and launches 

Remember, your banner never has to stay the same. You can always update your banner with a fresh design later down the track. Whether you’re making a stylish first impression or updating your audience about a sale, a designer will make sure your banner is beautiful.