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Event Management & Promotion For Social Media

Social Media is the ideal way to promote your event, and we’ll help you get your event in front of the right people to encourage more RSVPs and ticket sales. Whether it’s an afternoon session or a full-week conference, promoting your event with social media is a great way to ensure it’s successful!

Before Your Event:

  • Encourage ticket sales and RSVPs
  • Preview event schedule
  • Run giveaways and promotions
  • Showcase venue and location

During Your Event:

  • Take photos and videos
  • Post regular updates to social channels
  • Live video and updates to keep audience informed
  • Encourage discussion from event participants

After Your Event:

  • Continue to post updates identifying event highlights
  • Encourage attendance at your next event.
  • Provide report on engagement with content
  • Handover of all video and photos taken during event.

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70% of top companies and brands ranked social marketing
related to event programs as “extremely” or “very important”.
(Freeman XP & EMI, 2018)

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