Social Media: Community Management

Build An Audience • Respond To Comments & Questions • Increase Public Perception of Your Brand


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Many users will turn to your social media profiles to talk to you directly. Whether it’s a question about customer service, technical support or even just a general enquiry about your products and services, they’re going to expect you to provide an answer.

Not providing an answer is not an option!

Nothing says “We don’t care about our customers” quite like not responding to their comments and messages, so you’re going to need a community manager to ensure your audience is getting the attention it deserves.

You need someone to manage your audience. This means responding to their comments, passing on their messages, ensuring your audience feels valued, and growing your audience even more.

How It Works

We’ll adopt the tone and voice of your business or brand so that your audience is convinced they’re dealing directly with you. We’ll advocate for your brand on your behalf, connect you with an even wider audience and turn those potential customers into leads or conversions.

Our community managers are confident, well-spoken Kiwis with strong communication skills and a sense of humour to ensure your audience is in very good hands.

Give us a call on 0800 932 101, send us an email at or book a free session with us so you can learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals with social media.


78 percent of people who complain to a brand
via social media expect a response within an hour.
(Lithium, 2018)