When The Limo Club got in touch with us, they were in a state of crisis. They had just had a new website built for them, but everything had gone wrong. None of their contact details were correct and the booking form wasn’t functional, meaning they were missing out on essential business. What’s more, the overseas company who had built the site wasn’t cooperating.

The first thing we did was build The Limo Club a temporary site to replace the broken one, and immediately the bookings began to come through again. We then built them a new site from the ground up, showcasing the unique vehicles in their fleet and the great services they offer.

Then we began an extensive SEO campaign to boost their rankings on Google. We worked with The Limo Club to develop a list of 40 keywords relevant to the service they provided. These included keywords and phrases such as “limo hire Wellington” and “hens night parties“. Because of the poor quality of their previous website, only three of the 40 keywords ranked within the top 100 results on Google. If people were going to find the Limo Club, they had to click through to page 10!

Through a combination of social bookmarking, link building and updating content, we were able to dramatically boost the Limo Club’s presence online. Within just 6 months, the website was ranking on the first page of Google for 35 of those 40 keywords. And of those 35 first page results, 20 were in the number one spot. They’ve since told us that more than 60% of bookings are now coming directly through the website. And over the recent holiday period, their entire fleet was continually booked out.

We’re still working on this campaign for the Limo Club, to make sure their rankings continue to improve.