Stem Creative is a Wellington-based video production company that specialises in telling stories for businesses online. They have an impressive range of clients including Garage Project, the National Party, L’Oreal, Whittaker’s Chocolate and more.

They approached us in 2014 to have a go at optimising their website. They’d built the website themselves, and wanted to competitively challenge for the first page on Google. They’d hired a couple of different companies to do the same work earlier, but were unhappy with the approach and limited range of ideas these companies came with.

When it comes to determining your website’s rankings in Google, one of the most effective elements of a website is the written content, which contains the keywords you want to rank for. The issue with Stem Creative’s website was it didn’t have a lot of written content – and that’s exactly how they liked it.

So we had to come up with a range of ideas for optimising their one-page website without cluttering the site by introducing a whole lot of text.

We started by developing a list of around 20 keywords that were related to the work Stem Creative did, and were also searched often in Google. When we started, they were appearing within the first 20 pages of Google for only a couple of keywords.

Within 3 months they were appearing for nearly all their keywords, had cracked the first page for nearly half, and had even achieved a few number one rankings.

Within 6 months they were ranking for all their keywords, were on the first page for most, and had close to half of their keywords in the number one ranking.

Here’s what Ben Forman, Stem Creative’s Director had to say:

“Tailgunner is cool. I like them and I like what they did for our SEO. You’ll have a good time working with these guys. You can trust me, honest!”

High praise indeed!