Because Christmas shoppers are ready for your website! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for businesses producing great goods that get snapped up during the festive season. Whether you sell fabulous items that can be purchased and wrapped as presents under the tree, or you provide services that suit the holiday season, your website needs to be ready for the impending wave of customers. We’ve put together a quick guide for you to scan through to test whether or not your website might need maintenance before the silly season really kicks in. 

Ranging from the technical to the attractive and aesthetic, here’s our Christmas wishlist for a perfect website… 


A fast load-time and smooth scrolling 

Most web users decide whether or not they’ll stick around on a website in a matter of seconds. Usually between 6 and 15 seconds, to be exact. If your site doesn’t load within that small space of time, you’re practically guaranteed to lose that customer. 

Your website should load immediately, and scrolling should be smooth with all elements loaded and ready to be clicked and explored. Don’t give your audience an excuse to click off your site and on to your competitor’s – give them everything they’re searching for and more with a smooth, snappy web design! 


A logical layout 

In the same manner that we enter a grocery store and expect to be met with delicious deli meats and mounds of fresh fruit, your audience expects certain welcoming motifs from your web-store when shopping online. Generally, shoppers don’t want to be met with a landing page laden with fat paragraphs of wordy information. We want to see big, bold and beautiful images of your products, either in use or tastefully captured in crisp photoshoots. 

Once a user has committed to clicking on your site, be sure they’re rewarded with the exact amount of imagery and information they’ll need to lead them to the purchases they’ve considered making. 


A smart shopping experience 

From auto-fill address pages to intelligent carts that automatically apply deals or suggest additional helpful products, shopping websites have become wonderfully sophisticated. The myriad features available to you will knock your socks off. While it’ll take a few meetings with a Wellington web design expert to map out the perfect shopping website, you and your customers won’t know yourselves when the new feature-packed design is up and running smoothly in time for Christmas. 


Book a free consultation 

We’ll take a look at your website, at no cost, and give you some tips and feedback on how it can be improved to achieve its purpose. And if you don’t already have a website, we’ll help you (at no cost) determine the purpose your website needs to have, and give you some ideas on how your site should be built to achieve it.