Whether you’re launching a new brand, product, service or simply making a special announcement, your online campaign needs to get noticed. Before launching your campaign, ask yourself a few of the following questions… 

Will it be seen? 

If you’re in the early days of launching your brand, products and services, your campaign should be focussed on reaching as many people as possible. You can be a bit more generalised with your desired audience, casting your net as far and wide as your budget might allow. 

Should social media be your fishing spot of choice, we recommend starting with a few simple Facebook advertisements. Invest in fantastic photography or footage to attract views, and pair that imagery with a snappy caption that’ll inspire clicks and curiosity. 

Veteran brands looking to widen their audience or thrill them with a new product/service or sale will need a more focussed campaign plan. You’ll need to know who you want to target, what sort of imagery will pique their interest, and how you can best translate your offer to them in the smallest amount of time. 

Competitions are another sort of campaign entirely, and we’ve written a few helpful blogs about preparing, launching and managing giveaways that you can check out here


Have you prepared all the appropriate assets and does everyone have access? 

Nothing is more frustrating in business than miscommunication and disorganisation. Several parties are involved in promoting a successful campaign, and it’s up to you and your campaign team to make sure everyone talks! 


Here are a few elements you’ll need to combine to create the perfect campaign: 

  • A selection of key dates and deadlines 
  • A collection of fantastic imagery (of your product, services, or eye-catching visuals relating to your campaign) 
  • Key links (in case the promotion links to a website or product) 
  • A selection of appropriate hashtags 
  • A video/photo, font and design folder, stored in a cloud, that everyone can access 
  • A wishlist of results you’d like to see upon the completion of the campaign


The best way to keep everyone connected and on track is to have a social media or web advertisement manager overseeing the project. Tailgunner can provide these services.

We can also manage the aftermath of your campaign launch, monitoring comments and questions as they come through, and analysing the analytics of your promotion while keeping you updated and informed. 


Is your website ready for action?  

Will your promotion or competition drive traffic directly to your website? Are you inviting people to shop for products or test a new feature you’ve painstakingly installed? Whatever the purpose for your promotion, your website needs to be ready to handle the impending traffic. 


The last thing any brand needs is a disappointing collection of customers who were unsuccessful in obtaining your product or unable to view valuable information due to your website being overwhelmed. If you’re not sure whether or not your server is prepared for your planned promotion, let the webdesign experts at Tailgunner take a look and test your site’s capacity for large quantities of keen customers.