Whether you’re selling a service or promoting a product, video marketing is the best way to display all that your brand has to offer. Video marketing is one of the most effective mediums for online advertising. Globally, according to 2018 survey, 54% of consumers say that video content is their preference from a brand or business that they support. What’s more, video content of a high quality is easier than ever to capture and share thanks to 4k resolution cameras on smartphones, and plenty of free video editing software. 

So if ‘anyone can do it’ and everyone has a smartphone, why aren’t more small NZ businesses taking the opportunity to ‘flaunt their wares’ via film? 

No guarantee 

Wary of the risk of wasted time, and perhaps less than optimistic about your brand’s online reach, we understand your aversion to the idea of investing too much in video content. Video content that, let’s face it, might not even achieve the amount of exposure you’d have liked. Fear not, there are many means and ways by which we can ensure your video is reaching the widest audience of potential clients and customers available to you. 

Thanks to paid online advertising campaigns, such as that of Facebook, Instagram and Google, it’s now easier than ever to ensure your video shows up in the feeds of clients or customers-to-be. With paid, targeted advertising, your video will appear to those who have the highest likelihood in being interested in the services you provide, and the products you sell. With the help of a seasoned  social media advertisement manager, your video will have the power to perform better than any post you’ve ever shared online, and any poster you’ve ever hung up on a wall. 

Well, sight is the most dominant of our senses so it therefore makes sense that videos would captivate and influence us more than a paragraph of text or a catchy theme song. If pictures tell a thousand words then continuous moving pictures will be able to simultaneously stimulate and inform your potential customers in a matter of seconds.


Time and effort 

The oldest excuse in the book: you’re too busy to fuss over footage right now, you’re trying to run a business! So many small businesses underestimate the influence of small yet consistent business videos posted to their Facebook or Instagram stories. 

Now, more than ever, your audience will be relying on photos and videos to understand your business, especially during the ever-changing lockdown standards. If, for example, you wanted to advertise your beauty services and you wanted to display the hygienic efforts you’re making to keep your clients safe, a quick Facebook/Instagram story video panning around your studio would immediately put all your audience members at ease: more so than a single photo, or a long-winded blog. 

In understanding the benefits of this low-effort, high payoff digital advertising tool, we hope you feel encouraged and inspired to give social media video posting a try. Visiting businesses to take photos and videos has been a service that we have offered clients in the past, and several have appreciated having the task handled by an experienced social media manager. Our services save you time and effort so you can focus on your business: we’ll show your potential customers what you’re up to via video, and you’ll get to meet them when they walk into your store raving about the wonderful things they saw online in your videos! 


Don’t make any more excuses that keep your business from making its film debut online. Talk to Tailgunner today and we’ll see to it that your digital advertising is taken a step further with some stunning, eye-catching digital content!