This month we received a notification that we’d met the criteria needed to be an official Google Partner. That got us quite excited because it means Google has officially recognised that we are good at what we do. It’s also exciting for you because it means that when you use Tailgunner, you know you’re in safe hands.

To become a Google Partner there were three criteria we had to meet.

  1. First, we had to become AdWords certified. This meant passing a series of strict and rather hard exams to prove we had the knowledge and understanding of Google’s AdWords system.
  2. Second, we had to prove to Google that we weren’t just good at theory, but could apply that knowledge to the AdWords campaigns we’re running for our clients. Google constantly checked over our accounts to ensure we were applying best practice in all aspects, so our clients weren’t spending money they didn’t need to.
  3. Third, we had to show we had clients who were happy with our service. We had to generate a certain amount of revenue over a specific time, which would prove to Google that our clients were happy with the service we provide.

And this month Google let us know that we’d passed all 3 criteria, and had become an official Google Partner. Hoorah!