It looks like Google are taking the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ quite literally in their latest SEO update. With the recent introduction of the Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness rating (or EAT for short), sites won’t be able to settle for a simple old SEO setup if they have any intention of ranking effectively in the world’s most popular search engine. 

I hope you’re hungry, because in today’s article we’ve got some fresh EAT information for you to chew on. We’ll touch briefly on the new Google SEO ranking guidelines and how you can amend your site to meet them. 

Define EAT

Expertise — For this requirement, Google will assess the knowledgeability of the site owner or content author on the subject matter they talk about. Specialists such as doctors and lawyers will see the most impact from this update, so smaller businesses won’t need to fret too much on this subject. 

Authoritativeness — If your business has credentials, certificates and awards, now is the time to brag about them. Google will now assess the credibility of a website publishing content that it claims to be an expert on. Your reviews will also get assessed, so make sure you haven’t littered your site with false five-star raves. 

Trustworthiness — A site riddled with dodgy links, pop-ups and a known history of poorly kept customer information/passwords won’t meet this new requirement. If you’ve taken the time to invest in secure site creation and maintenance then you’re on the right track. Customers should feel safe when logging onto your site to shop, offering their email for newsletters and browsing through your content in general. Mother Google wants only the best for her web-browsing babies. 


Tips to amend your site to suit EAT 

Try not to take it personally 

At the end of the day, Google just wants to make sure its browsers are safe, secure, and finding the right sort of results whenever they search. 

Think of the EAT update like restaurant quality control. Folks aren’t going to eat at dodgy, windowless alleyway restaurants with no signage, vague menus and aloof waitstaff. We’d all prefer a restaurant with rave reviews, a lively atmosphere, an easy-to-access menu and warm waitstaff who welcome us at the door. 

With enough polished site design and clear, confident information, your site is on the right track to becoming the second restaurant in that metaphor. 


Talk to Tailgunner 

SEO is complicated, and that fact is probably by design. If you’re busy running your business and you haven’t the time to fuss over making sure your website stays EAT-able, why not leave it to an expert? Offering expert SEO services for small businesses, we’re Google-qualified and approved to assist in all things websites and rankings! 

If your website could use a makeover, both visually and in its SEO ranking, simply get in touch with Tailgunner.