Google Ads Management Wellington

Grow your business • Increase your web traffic • Get more customers


Google Ads is a Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising program used by Google to allow you to put your business directly in front of potential clients and customers looking for the great products and services you provided.
Statistics show that 84% of New Zealanders go online to research products and services before purchasing. Furthermore, 94% of them use Google, meaning an ad for your business on Google Ads is a great way to get people’s attention!
The beauty of Google Ads is you only pay when someone clicks your ad. The danger is that unless your Google Ads campaign is set up and managed well, you could be wasting a whole lot of money.

Interested in using Google Ads?

We can put together a campaign plan to make your ads as effective as possible. We have a range of packages based on how much you’d like to spend and what you’d like to achieve.

Already using Google Ads?

We’ll audit your campaigns to make sure your ad groups, advertisements and keywords are optimised to get you the most bang for your buck! We’ll help you grow your business, increase your traffic and make more sales.


Incredible Reach

Places your ad at the top of Google, the world’s most visited website

Incredible Targeting

You choose who sees your ad, and only pay when they click to your website

Incredible Control

You set your budget and exactly how you would like your ad to appear


Keyword Research & Management

We’ll help you identify the keywords that match the services and products you offer, so your ads are only being shown to potential customers, and your money isn’t wasted on dead-ends.

Ongoing Account Management

We’ll manage your settings so your campaigns are constantly running at full strength. We’ll do things like add negative keywords, develop advertisement extensions and target ideal demographics.

Optimise AdGroups

You probably have a range of services and products, and optimised AdGroups let you target the different people searching for your different products, offering you better value for money and more control.

Optimise Ads

The words you use in your ads are so important, and it’s essential your ads are written perfectly to convert people into customers. We’ll create commanding ads to improve performance and get more clicks.

Monitor & Measure

Things are always changing, so we don’t like to “set and forget”. We’ll keep a close eye on your campaigns to make sure everything’s always in order, and will always be refining your campaign to make your budget go further.

Report Your Results

You need to know how your budget is being spent, so you’ll receive a weekly update from us with the important facts and figures for your campaign, as well as a monthly report that goes into more depth.


In June 2014 we received our official Google Ads Certification from Google itself. According to Google, this makes us Google Ads experts.
That’s exciting for us because it means we’ve proven to Google that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to Google Ads.
It’s also exciting for you, because it means that when you use us to run your Google Ads campaigns, you know you’re in safe hands.