Presenting your preferred examples

So you’ve found a glorious website that works in a way you would like for your own brand. Nice! We’ll certainly do our best to create your brand a website with similar style and functionality, but a few things are going to affect how well this works: your product/service, your budget, and your deadline.

The team at Tailgunner are problem solvers. We’ll do our best for your brand on the budget and timeframe you give us.

Where unrealistic expectations arise, we understand that this isn’t your fault. We wouldn’t expect you to totally understand the technical concept of web design, so we’ll shed light on what’s realistic and what’s less so in regard to your resourses.

Honesty is policy

We like to be upfront with our clients in the meetings we hold. If a task is looking a little unlikely, we’ll show you a few other angles in which we could tackle things. You might not get an identical copy of your favorite website example, but you’ll get the best possible quality version for your own brand within the timeframe and budget you’ve set for us. If things change, we’re pretty flexible…but it’s important to keep that communication open when such events arise!

Just like building a house

Like a totally jaw-dropping architectural project, more resources will produce better results. You wouldn’t get the exact same beautiful building built if you wanted it in less time and with less money – the same principal applies to your web design.