Facebook arranges its content based on its users and certain rules. These certain rules are known as Facebook’s ‘algorithm’. The algorithm determines what is seen by users depending on what is relevant and of value to the user.

As a local Wellington digital marketing company, we work with small business owners to increase social reach and views for both organic and paid content. To achieve this,  Although the algorithm is highly complex, we’ve put together 3 simple hacks that will help you attract more views and expand your reach.



How many times should you post?

Ideally, you should post between one to two times a day. Anything more generally is likely to get fewer clicks and views. If your small business has a lot to share, we recommend adding to your story. Ensure you keep the best pieces of content for your feed and anything else for your story. Stories provide an opportunity for followers and users to get to know you and your business on a more personal level.

Sparking genuine conversations 

Facebook is a social platform that aims to bring people together and the algorithm does just that. Facebook priorities posts that have authentic and genuine conversations. Asking questions and encouraging discussions on your posts will help to spark engagement and therefore make your content more visible to others.

Try to use the following prompts when writing captions.

  • Who
  • Which
  • Should
  • Would

Such prompts will encourage Facebook users to reply in the comments. The longer the comments section, the more valuable your content is according to Facebook.

Pro tip: Ensure your post gets the most engagement within the first 72 hours of it being posted


Provide value

It’s crucial that your brand provides value to its followers, as Facebook’s algorithm will prioritise such posts. An important exercise the team at Tailgunner do is to brainstorm content ideas that resonate with a particular following. Posts that relate to your followers will keep users engaged and interested – therefore, boosting your content to the top of user’s feeds.

Valuable content ideas could include:

  • Tips and tricks relevant to your industry
  • Infographics
  • Interesting facts or did you know?
  • Contests & prizes
  • Deals or discounts


Although there are many factors to consider in Facebook’s algorithm, nailing a few basics are key. The team at Tailgunner will assist your small business and ensure you stand out and get the results you deserve. Book in for a free session to discuss your goals today.