In today’s digital world, customer reviews are vital. The everyday consumer looks out for them, they will learn from them and most often than not, they will influence a consumer’s buying decisions. For small businesses, reviews are a powerful tool that can assist in building brand credibility and sales; two important objectives. Our Wellington social media specialists have three tactics that will ensure your customers leave you positive reviews.

Make it easy 

The secret to receiving good online reviews is to make the process easy. Social media platforms are a good place to start. Most platforms are relatively simple and intuitive. Meaning, customers will be more inclined to share their reviews. The most effective social media platforms for reviews include:

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter
  • Youtube 
  • Linkedin 

Third-party review sites such as Zomato or Yelp are also great platforms to help get the good word out. It is, however, important to note that an influx of positive reviews can come across as fake. To avoid this, we suggest investing in a wider social media strategy. One which includes customer reviews as a part of an overarching strategy. 


If you feel that you aren’t receiving many reviews, or you just like the idea of rewarding your customers then consider incentivising. Incentives such as:

  •  Discounts
  •  Coupons
  •  Competition entries
  •  Gift cards

should boost the number of reviews you receive. There are a number of creative and subtle ways small businesses can reward their customers.  A campaign manager or social media specialist should be able to design you a system that benefits both your small business and your customers. 


There is nothing worse than getting under someone’s skin at the wrong time. This will only leave you with negative reviews that others will see. Work on timing. We suggest the following times when asking for reviews. 


  • A customer has positively interacted with your brand
  • A re-order of a product or service

If they:

  • Tag you on social media 
  • Refer other customers to you 
  • Spend a considerable amount of time engaging on your social media or website.

The trick is to approach them when they are the most satisfied or fulfilled.

The simple review is much more powerful than you think. Reviews are the digital goodwill of your business. With almost everyone being online, it’s crucial that your brand is portrayed in a positive manner.  If you’re curious about whether customer reviews could benefit your small business, book a free session with us today!