Soaring sales and increased conversions

If you’ve got products to sell then video marketing is your new best friend. Studies show that by merely featuring a product video on your site’s landing page, you can increase conversions by more than 80%!


Well, sight is the most dominant of our senses so it therefore makes sense that videos would captivate and influence us more than a paragraph of text or a catchy theme song. If pictures tell a thousand words then continuous moving pictures will be able to simultaneously stimulate and inform your potential customers in a matter of seconds.

Most importantly, videos inspire a sense of trust in your viewers. It’s all well and good to see pictures of a product, but watching it in action and seeing it explained will direct sales.



Ready for ranking

Anyone with an online marketing aspiration knows that you want to be on Google’s good side. Guess what: Google loves videos.


If folks are spending a decent amount of time during their visit to your website then that’s going to get you in Google’s good books. Videos inspire visitors to stick around on your website longer than they might have without the spot of footage/animation. Google can get behind a website that people are taking their time on: the search engine receives signals saying that visitors are not simply clicking off your site as soon as they land on it, and it assumes you have quality content to offer its browsers.

Pro SEO tip: don’t forget to give your videos informative titles and detailed descriptions packed with keywords related to your business! You don’t want all your creative efforts being wasted: SEO will ensure that your content is getting noticed where it needs to be.

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Sell it to cellphones

Another major benefit of video content is it can seriously appeal to your mobile audience. YouTube has reported that mobile video consumption has risen by an astounding 100% in the past year, and that’s only improving as device screens and cameras are sharpening.


Navigating across an entire website in search of valuable information can be extremely difficult if you’re out and about and doing so on a little mobile screen (with your thumb, too). By including videos across your website you can quickly and efficiently communicate a bunch of information to your viewers in an instant.

For example, if you offer an experience or attraction that tourists might enjoy then you’ll definitely benefit from a video.

Picture your target audience member: a tourist trawling through the various websites that advertise activities in their area. Rather than reading through paragraphs of description, they tap on and view your website’s landing page, and the video that’s advertising your attraction. They instantly know what you have to offer, where you are, and how much fun they’d seem to have if they choose to come and visit.

Often we’re sold on the product, place or people featured in your videos before we bother to investigate the price tag! Videos are powerful influencers indeed.


Next month we’re going to explore the benefits of video further as we investigate the part they play in social media marketing.

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