LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. Business owners use it to network and connect, and potential employees use it to showcase their skills and experience.

Because your LinkedIn profile is presented in a professional environment, it’s essential you’re putting your best foot forward. If it’s been a while since you’ve visited your profile, we recommend you take some time soon to log in and give your profile a refresh.

Here are 5 simple ways you can get your profile humming again.

1. Update your photo

If it’s been a while since you’ve been on your profile, chances are your photo is going to be quite outdated. And if you still don’t have a photo yet, drop what you’re doing, and go upload a photo!

Just like in the real world, a good first impression is essential when people are visiting your profile. Having no photo, or an unprofessional looking photo is probably going to get you started on the wrong foot.

2. Edit your summary

Your summary is your opportunity to tell people directly who you are, what you do and what you’ve achieved. It’s a vital part of your profile, but too often this entire section is either left blank, or written very poorly.

Think of this section as your elevator pitch. In just a few paragraphs, tell readers enough about you to make them want to do business with you. Don’t load it with waffle and buzzwords – instead make it authentic and simple.

Also, make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes. That’s a real turn off!

3. Upload a background image

While LinkedIn is a professional environment, your background image lets you add a little personal touch to your profile, so don’t miss the opportunity to inject a little personality into your profile.

4. Ask people for endorsements

Endorsements are a great way to show visitors to your profile that you’ve got experience and a good track record. So if you’ve worked with someone recently, or been hired by someone to contribute to a project, reach out to them and ask them to endorse you.

It takes just a click of the mouse to endorse someone, and often the best way to get endorsements is to give endorsements. So think about what opportunities you have to endorse other connections for their skills, and then ask them to endorse you back.

5. Add some interesting content

LinkedIn allows you to upload images, videos, articles and slideshows directly into your profile – so make the most of the opportunity! If you’ve finished a new website build, or a social media campaign, and want to tell people about it, upload links and images directly to your profile. It’s features like this that help separate your profile from the rest.