10 tips for writing better Facebook status updates

One of the key aspects of running a Facebook page is consistent posting, but if you manage a page for a business, organisation or cause, you probably know how hard it can be to think of engaging and relevant updates – especially when you’re trying to post something every day. We recently found a great infographic explaining how to write effective status updates on Facebook, and other social media platforms too. The ten tips it listed included: Post an interesting fact Share a tip Endorse content Don’t always ask a question Inspire action Tell users what to expect Add a […]

2019-04-10T00:06:31+12:00August 26th, 2013|Facebook, Social Media|

Simple SEO techniques to increase your site’s rankings

People often ask us why Google is displaying their site on page 15, and not on page 1. There’s never a simple answer to this question because Google’s complicated algorithm, which decides how sites rank, takes into account more than 200 factors based not only on your site, but your competitor’s too. But while the answer may be complicated, the solution need not be. So often when we run a free SEO report on websites we make just a few simple recommendations that will make the world of difference to its rankings. Best of all, they require virtually no technological understanding […]

2019-04-10T00:06:40+12:00August 16th, 2013|Search Engine Optimisation|
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